Experimental Evaluation of PCE-Based Batch Provisioning of Grid Service Interconnections

Luca Valcarenghi, Paweł Korus, Francesco Paolluci, Filippo Cugini, Mirosław Kantor, Krzysztof Wajda and Piero Castoldi

IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), 2009



If dynamic bandwidth-guaranteed connections between distributed services (e.g., grid services) are provisioned through a centralized system, the policy to serve connection requests might heavily impact both the success in and the time required for setting up user services (e.g., grid-enabled applications). In this paper, the implementation of a batch queue in the centralized system is proposed. By implementing different service policies for the queued requests, connections and, in consequence, user services can be set up with different guarantees. In this study, a bulk-service policy is proposed and implemented to maximize connection set up success. The experimental evaluation results show that the utilization of the proposed policy brings advantages in terms of percentage of accepted connection requests as the number of requests served in one batch increases. Moreover, the achieved improvement does not impact the time required to set up the connections because of the specific LSP set up procedures implemented in the utilized commercial routers.